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Basic session - $60

If you want to keep it simple and just want something quick

for the yearbook, this 15 minute session will give you everything

you need! We'll shoot a variety of fun stuff and you'll have a great time!





Standard session - $80 

This half hour session will allow us some more options to explore

all kinds of fun and creative stuff. You can bring as many clothes as

you would like, but usually 2-3 outfits fit best in this time frame.

This is one of our most popular sessions!





Deluxe session - $100 

This is the time to get really creative! This one hour long session

gives you a lot more options for creating a distinctive style all your

own. Bring your whole closet if you'd like to! We'll figure out together

what would make you look your best, and have some fun! If you

want to bring along your dog or your guitar or whatever, go for it!



On-site at our Studio

We are situated on nearly 2 acres of beautifully landscaped

property, plus we've got Wedgewood Park right behind our fence

which gives us a lot of options for some great shots. Bring your car,

motorcycle, pets, friends or anything else you can think of! Everything

is right outside our back door, so there is no need to wait around for

your photographer to show up unlike many other studios that don't

have a great on-site outdoor area.

Available as:

Basic session ($60) 15 minutes   SEE AN EXAMPLE

Standard session ($80) 30 minutes   SEE AN EXAMPLE

Deluxe session ($100) 1 hour   SEE AN EXAMPLE




Downtown Grandville - Available as a Deluxe ($100) session

Only a couple of blocks away from the studio, downtown Grandville

offers some fantastic areas to shoot. Old buildings, streets, benches,

railroad tracks and more! This session lasts about one hour.





Rustic - Available as a Deluxe ($100) session

New for 2011!

Old rundown barns, stone walls and more make for a fantastic place

to have your session. It's just a short drive from the studio, and this session

lasts around 45 minutes.




Downtown Grand Rapids - $120

With GR's unique bridges, graffiti walls, grungey alleys, old

buildings and rocky riverside, this session is sure to be one of your

favorites. This is a very popular setting for black and white journalistic

style photos, and there's just no end to the great stuff we can do

down there! This session lasts about 2 hours.



Schedule a group of 3 seniors for this session for only $240!

That's $40 off per person!




Holland State Park - $120

Kick off your shoes and head for the golden shores of Lake Michigan!

The beautiful water, rocks, sand, beach grass and stunning sunsets

make for the perfect setting for relaxed and fun shots.

This session lasts about 2 hours.


Schedule a group of 3 seniors for this session for only $240!

That's $40 off per person!




Anywhere within 30 miles of the studio - $140

Did you have a special place in mind for your session? No problem!

Just give us a call, we would love to hear your ideas.




Bring along one or more friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister

or anyone else and we'll get them in a few shots! (or all of the shots if

you want)






Every senior that we photograph gets a FREE family session that can

be used until June 2012! This is our way of saying thanks for choosing

us for your senior pictures!






STEP 1. Choose the sessions that fit your needs the best. If you're undecided, don't worry.

Our professional staff will listen to what you're thinking and help you pick the perfect

sessions. Keep in mind that if you've got fall sports or anything like that be sure to schedule

your sessions before you get too busy!


STEP 2. Call us and have your credit card ready. Due to the high demand of session times,

we require prepayment to hold your session times. Usually this is done with a credit card

but we'll also hold your time for up to two days if you want to send a check. We accept

Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.


STEP 3. Relax and leave the rest to us! We'll call to confirm your sessions the day before.

If you have any other questions or would like to have a personal consultation about

your sessions or clothing or anything else, just give us a call! We'd be happy to

schedule that for you.